Two national dog shows in Varaždin, Croatia

The proverb says ” be careful what you wish for, you just might get it”.
So here it is,  in front of us are two shows, two national shows in Varaždin.

We have combined wishes, Croatian judges and our most beautiful cynological ground into a project where only you and your dogs are missing.
There is little time to enter, only twenty days, but we are sure that it will not be a problem for anyone. Entries will be only online, and a novelty is that the catalog of the show will also be only in the online edition.

Let’s break this mournful time together, let’s hug at 2 meters distance and have a beer at different ends of the table. We are going for Croatian CAC candidacies, very special, from the time of the coronavirus. Let’s write down the history that today’s youth will teach in their mature years. We will be responsible and happy!